Letter from Mr. John A. Malcolm, June 25th 1943

“Your letter will make all his relatives happy.”

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June 25, 1943

Mrs. E. Brewster
1201 Harbor Avenue S.W.
Seattle, Washington.

My dear Mrs. Brewster

I want to thank you for your letter of the eleventh, and the good news it contained, about my good friend Mr. Donald O. Gunn, who is a Japanese prisoner in Manila, P.I.

Mr. Gunn was the Assistant General Manager of our firm, the H.E. Heacock Co. of Manila, which is the largest department store in the Islands.

Up to this time, the only information I had about him was that he had been interned at Santo Tomas, and from other sources, I could just hope that he was alive and well, for I had heard that every-one in the Camp was getting along quite well, that they were being fed fair food, and that conditions in general were not too bad.

Your letter will make all his relatives happy too, and I have written them telling them of the receipt of this message. Again that you very much.

Sincerely yours


John A. Malcolm
Vice President


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