Information about this and other historical projects and additional resources for learning about the use of radio in World War II and today.

We are especially grateful for to the large public domain US government and the exellent book World War II Radio Heroes by Lisa Spahr.

About Victory Angels

Victory Angels is a history project by guitarist Damon Buxton, the son of a ham radio operator, who discovered the box of letters at an antique store near Seattle.

What is Ham Radio? ARRL

The national association for Amateur Radio.

Book: World War II Radio Heroes by Lisa Spahr

The granddaughter of a WWII POW finds a box of letters written to her great grandmother by Ham radio operators. This book does an excellent job of explaining how people used radio to connect.

POW Letters

Website for WWII Radio Heroes by Lisa Spahr. WWII Collection

US government collection in the public domain.

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