In this archive you can read thank you letters and penny postcards from the families of WWII POWs to Ham Radio operator E. Brewster of Seattle.

Between 1943 and 1946 Mrs. Brewster received 36 letters and 25 postcards thanking her for transcribing the radio broadcasts and sending the information therein to the soldiers’ families. They give insight into the lives of families of soldiers and the pressure they lived under and the grace that inspired them to write back to say thanks.

The cards and letters here are transcribed here exactly as written, with scans of the orginals.


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From Mary A. Smith
Independence, Kansas
June 27th, 1944

“We had about given up hopes of his still being alive.”

From Mrs. Jack W. Schwartz
Los Angeles, California
April 2nd, 1944

“I want you to know that your letter brought me lots of cheer and comfort.”

From Herman Denzler
Grosse Pointe, Michigan
April 28th, 1943

“Your letter has given us proof that it really was our son.”

From Mrs. Wm R. Taylor
Albany, Oregon
August 3rd, 1943

“We hadn’t heard anything from him since Wake Island was taken almost two years ago.”

From Patrick J. Cavanaugh
Independence, Kansas
August 4th, 1943

“You will never know how I appreciate this grand message of yours.”

From Mrs. Jack Murphy
Norphlet, Arkansas
August 5th, 1943

“You’ll never know how happy we were and may God bless you.”

From Mr. & Mrs. Julius Saison
Albany, Oregon
August 7th, 1943

“It’s good to know there are folks like you.”

From Mrs. Roland W. Towers
Sequim, Washington
August 9th, 1943

“Many thanks to you for the wonderful message, from my husband.”

From Mrs. Chad H. Teders
Avilla, Indiana
August 16th, 1943

“Thanks a million as it certainly meant a lot to me.”

From Ray R. LaPelle
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 26th, 1943

“It was most welcome after not hearing from him for such a long time.”

From Mrs. A.A. Goplen
Richmond, California
August 27th, 1943

“His mother died 24 yrs. ago & he & his father have been...”

From Mrs. Floyd E. Hankley
Middleport, New York
July 6th, 1943

“It was the first message we have received since Nov 1941.”

From Mrs. Jeanne Dockweier
Los Angeles, California
July 10th, 1943

“I now have a record of the message and the voice sounds strong and clear.”

From L.W. Wirth
Glendale, New York
July 10th, 1943

“I will write to her aged mother and father..”

From Mrs. S.O. Fife
Seminole, Oklahoma
July 11th, 1943

“You see, it had been over a year since we had heard anything.”

From Joseph Cohen
Brooklyn, New York
January 7th, 1946

“I’m mighty thankful I was able to come back alive.”

From Mrs. Kenneth J. Stull
Vandergrift, Pennsylvania
July 9th, 1943

“You see, the last letter I received from my husband was on December 8, 1941.”

Mrs. Rena F. Wolfsheimer
Washington, D.C.
July 30th, 1943

“This is a marvelous act you have done and certainly a great part in this war effort.”

Mrs. Victor Soens
Racine, Wisconson
June 10th 1943

“If it wasn’t for kind people like you, & the ones who have written me, I wouldn’t have known about Stanley.”

From Mrs. Thomas Terell
Renton, Washington
June 13th, 1943

“She is not getting mail as she addressed her message Mother & Dad.”

Mrs. P.G. Ellis
Chicago, Illinois
June 15th, 1943

“It is a great relief to know that she is alive and apparently well.”

Mrs. G. Gardner
Aberdeen, Ohio
June 10th 1943

“...it helps a lot to know she is living.”

From Mary F. Sims
Surfside, California
June 17th, 1943

“It warms my heart to know how much kindly thought there is in the world.”

Polly Whitfield
Seattle, Washington
June 24th, 1943

“I am most anxious to get any word of these folks dear to me.”

Mr. John A. Malcolm
New York, New York
June 25th 1943

“Your letter will make all his relatives happy.”

From Mrs. David McConnaughey
Bellbrook, Ohio
June 28th, 1943

“I am very happy to know that our son is alive.”

Mrs. J.F. Crouch, Jr.
Columbia, South Carolina
June 30th, 1943

“His father had been notified by the war department that he was a German prisoner.”

Mr & Mrs. C. Shershun
Somerville, Massachussets
May 3rd 1943

“Your message made us smile after all the tears we have been spilling since we heard he was missing.”

From Mrs. David McConnaughey
Bellbrook, Ohio
March 25th, 1946

“They were liberated by the Americans near Munich.”

Mrs. William F. Bebell
Beechhurst, New York
May 11th, 1943

“I have had no word from him in a year and five months you can know just how much this letter means to me.”

Mrs. C.W. Huggins
Trinidad, Colorado
May 13th 1943

“That was the first time we have heard from her since Christmas Day, 1941.”

From Eddie Dennis
Golden, Colorado
May 14th, 1946

“I want to thank you again and again for your kind attention in this matter.”

Mrs. Benjamin Bender
New Haven, Connecticut
May 21st, 1943

“It is gratifying to learn of the goodness in people, and we hope there may be peace on earth.”


From Mrs. W.B. Hays
Washington, D.C.
May 14th, 1946

“God bless you for writing me! It was the first clearest word I’d had since the fall of Manila.”



Harold Rose
Brooklyn, New York
April 30th 1943

“Until the many reports came in this week, we never expected to hear from him again.”

From Mrs. Louise B. Cronery
Los Angeles, California
August 2nd, 1943

“What a fine thing that was for you to send me the message.”

Mrs. Amour
Delta, Colorado
August 11th, 1943

“We got your letter referring to our son’s message & thanks a lot.”

Mrs. H.J. Nichols
Richmond, Virginia
August 10th 1943

“I think it was so nice of you to write to me a perfect stranger.”

From Mrs. M.B. Campbell
Madras, Oregon
August 15th, 1943

“It has been 18 months since I heard from him.”

Mrs. K.W. Edwards
Green Cove, Virginia
August 19th, 1943

“This is the first consoling news I have had.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Burnett
Kansas City, Missouri
August 25th 1943

“I think it was so nice of you to write to me a perfect stranger.”

From Mr. & Mrs. B. Wilson
Elkhart, Indiana
July 1st, 1943

“It is nice to know folks are still concerned about their fellow men.”

Laura F. Bowie
Newton, New Jersey
July 3rd, 1943

“I hope you appreciate how much happiness you are giving in these troubled times.”

Jean Cadwallader
Hastings, Michigan
July 4th 1943

“Sincere thanks for your kindness.”

From Mr. & Mrs. Gener
Cincinnati, Ohio
July 6th, 1943

“Our radio right now isn’t so good.”

Mrs. J.E. Cannaday
Gause, Texas
July 10th, 1943

“April 1st 1942 is the last I had heard except the War Dept. said they had moved him.”

Aneta Fanksher
Compton, California
July 15th 1944

“Many thanks for your letter and kindness in forwarding my husband’s message.”

From Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Willis
Ironton, Ohio
July 26th, 1943

“... who is a prisoner of War in Germany.”

Elizabeth Miller
Washington, D.C.
June 21st, 1943

“Mr. Butler passed away two years ago. He was Marcelle’s father-in law;

Lucille Lynn, R.N.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
June 22nd 1943

“Thank you for your kindness in sending me the message.”

From Mrs. Edith Zedorek
Miami, Florida
June 23rd, 1943

“Thank you for the information regarding my husband.”

Mrs. Elise B. Crabb
Madison, Wisconson
June 25th, 1943

“It proves conclusively that there is much good will existing in this world which war cannot destroy.”

Mrs. R.W. Braswell
Rocky Mount, North Carolina
June 26th 1943

“I have been fortunate enough to get most of her message.”

From Miss Francis J. Corp
Danielson, Connecticut
June 28th, 1943

“It was short, to be sure, and it brought me much joy and comfort.”

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Tomlinson
Stevensville, Montana
June 26th, 1943

“This is the first we had heard from our folks in 18 months.”

Charles Hoffmann
Chicago, Illinois
June 30th 1943

“The radio message you heard from Tokyo announcer from my son.”

From Betty Miller
Washington, D.C.
June 30th, 1943

“She is French and her only relatives are in Occupied France.”

Mrs. Verna Bradley
Stevensville, Montana
October 10th, 1943

“I have had over 200 letters and cards and 5 records sent me.”


From Mrs. James Armour
Delta, Colorado
September 11th, 1943

“God bless you for your kindness.”


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