Letter from Mrs. David McConnaughey, June 28th 1943

“I am very happy to know that our son is alive.”

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Mrs. David McConnaughey
Box 53 - Bellbrook, Ohio

Dear Mrs. Brewster

Thank you so very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness in relaying to us the message from our son, David. It is grand to know that there are folks who are interested in making others happy.

I am afraid that I am just as excited as you say you were when you heard the broadcast. I am sorry I could not have heard the message myself but I am very happy to know that our son is alive. One’s faith is tried severely after receiving the message “missing in action” and then, nothing more for such a long time.

If you listen to these broadcasts often and send the messages on, it seems to me that youare doing a very great service for teh boys and their loved ones.

We have not seen our son for nearly one and one-half years but he wrote to us several times a week before he was captured. He was one of the first to land in Africa and was wounded at that time and had returned to active duty only about two weeks before he was reported missing.

Thanks again and may God bless you for your kindness.


(Mrs. David)

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