Letter from Mrs. David McConnaughey, March 25th 1946

“They were liberated by the Americans near Munich.”

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Dear Mrs. Brewster

A little late, but very sincere, are my thanks for your thoughfuless in send us a Christmas greeting and your good wishes for our David.

Ours was a very, very happy Christmas. David was with us for the first Christmas in a four years. Our immediate famiy was complete.

David was discharged Oc. 13, 1945, just two weeks less than four years in the Army. He is quite well now although his feet bother him. The toes were frozen and he had an infected blister on his foot while they were marching across Germany just ahead of the Russian advance. The men from Oflag 64 where David was in-terned, traveled about six or seven hundred miles between January 21, 1945 when they left the Oflag until May 3, 1945 where they were liberated by the Americans near Munich.

He is a very happy man just now. David and his Daddy have purchased a stationery store in Springfield, Ohio and David hopes to be married this summer to the girl who has been “his girl” for about five years.

Thanks again, Mrs. Brewster, for your kindness.

Very sincerely,

N. Lou McConnaughey

(Mrs. David)

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