Letter from Mary A. Smith, June 27th 1944

“We had about given up hopes of his still being alive.”

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Box # 186
Independence, Kansas

Dear Friend:

I wish to thank you for the kind letter telling us of the broadcast from my cousin Charles F. O’Bryant. My Aunt, Mrs. O’Bryant had a nervous breakdown and is ill, so I am writing for her. The last letter we had from Chuck was written in December, 1942, so we had about given up hopes of his still being alive. So you see we really appreciate hearing from him. The names he gave were school friends of his that have been married since he left. He also mentioned his brother and his girl friend. We received nearly two hundred letters, telegrams, and long distance telephone calls, and wish to than each of you for them. This news has helped my aunt more than you know, and we hope you will write us if you hear any more news.


Mary A. Smith

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